Throwback to 2014: Amazon Acquires comiXology

Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to 2014 On March 1, 2007 David Steinberger and John Roberts founded comiXology, a cloud-based digital comic distribution platform focused on revitalizing the comic book and graphic novel industry. At launch comiXology served as an online community for comic book fans, while also offering a database of comics that

Throwback to 2014: Amazon Acquires Twitch

Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to 2014 Twitch is a live video game streaming platform that spawned from a general-interest video streaming project called, which was founded in 2005 by Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt and Emmett Shear. When was officially launched in 2007 the site was split into categories such as People

Throwback to 2009: Amazon Acquires Zappos

Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to 2009 In 1999 Zappos was founded by Nick Swinmurn and funded by Venture Frogs, an investment firm run by Tony Hsieh – who would eventually emerge as Zappos CEO. The company launched under the domain ‘’ but was quickly rebranded to ‘Zappos’ in an effort to counter limiting

Throwback to 2002: Amazon Acquires

Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to 2002 CDNow was founded in February 1994 by twin brothers Jason and Matthew Olim and initially began as a Telnet service in August 1994. In September 1994 the company launched its official retail website and over the course of four years its operations grew rapidly, from 55 employees

Throwback to 1999: Amazon Acquires Alexa Internet

Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to 1999 Alexa Internet, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat and operated as a free web search toolbar that collected data based on user browsing behaviors. The service then analyzed those behaviors and translated them into a list of websites that a user should

Throwback to 1998: Amazon Acquires Telebook

Throwback Thursday! Let’s take it back to 1998 Telebook, also known as ABC Bücherdienst, started out as a German e-commerce company founded by Michael J. G. Gleissner and Christian Jagodzinski. It later developed into Germany’s leading online bookstore, boasting over 400,000 German-language titles. In the late 90’s Amazon had its sights set on expanding its

Amazon May Start A War With Google Over YouTube

Amazon Is Considering Expanding Video Advertising And Content Creation Programs, May Start A War With YouTube At the end of September Google, the owner of YouTube, announced that the video platform would no longer be supported on Amazon’s Echo Show device. Google stated that Amazon’s iteration of YouTube on the Echo Show violated terms of

What Would You Do To Be The Home Of HQ2?

What would you do to have the second Amazon headquarters in your city? People are pulling out all of the stops and doing some strange things to win it. Last month Amazon announced they planned to open up another headquarters somewhere but they hadn’t decided where yet. With the capability to employ as many as

Amazon Is Opening A Pop-up Bar In Tokyo

Amazon is continuing its push into brick-and-mortar, though this time they’ll be doing so in the form of a short lived, 10 day pop-up bar – named the #AmazonBar. Scheduled to open in Tokyo’s high-end Ginza shopping district on October 20, the bar will serve wine, beer, cocktails and various food according to Amazon’s official

Amazon Is Reportedly Testing Its Own Delivery Service

Good news for Amazon customers is bad new for the United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. According to multiple anonymous sources at, Amazon is reportedly testing its own delivery service. The service, reportedly named project Seller Flex, began two years ago in India and since then Amazon has began introducing the idea to