Amazon’s Treasure Truck Is Coming To A City Near You

Look now – it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a ….. Treasure Truck? For the past year, Amazon has been rolling around Seattle, Washington with a mobile pickup location for limited deals available to Seattle customers only. Amazon hand-picks new, trending, local, or delicious items, load them on their truck, and cruise around town

Why The NBA Would Reach New Heights With Jeff Bezos

The National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets franchise is for sale and some sources are speculating that interest has been generated by the Amazon head-honcho, Jeff Bezos. The Rockets are tabbed as the eighth most valuable NBA franchise, worth an estimated $1.65 billion according to Forbes. However, reports have suggested that the team could draw the

Sears Will Sell Alexa Enabled Home Appliances On Amazon

If a home appliance is purchased online, does it make a sound…? Well, if it’s sold on Amazon and features a newly enabled Alexa skill, yes it makes a VERY loud noise! News today that Sears (SHLD) will be selling Kenmore appliances loaded with Amazon Alexa skills to allow customers to control these appliances with

Meal Kits For You And Alexa To Enjoy

If you are a business owner, saying Amazon is the equivalent to saying “Voldemort” during the dark times.  Say it, and all the Death Eaters will appear and take you down. All Amazon has to do at this point is slightly mention they have an interest in pursuing something new and you can watch the

Smile… You Can Be An Amazon Spark Product Evangelist

In the ever evolving world of Amazon, today they launched a new “Instagram & Pinterest” like product discovery feature of their mobile app. Amazon is encouraging users to post stories, ideas, images and pictorial reviews of the products they love. In turn, others can react to these photos with comments and “smiles” – Amazon’s own

Amazon: The Reading Rainbow of the 21st Century

If you’re of a certain age, you can recall Lavar Burton in Reading Rainbow reading tales of grandeur in front of the screen to a wide range of avid readers across the country. As television has been taken over by an influx of content and hundreds of channels, it is not as easy to find

Rumor: Amazon Entering The Messaging App World With Anytime

Amazon has had quite the knack for disrupting existing technologies and consuming them for a light snack on their way to global domination. Their newest target just might be, messaging apps. According to an article, Amazon has begun surveying customers about a new messaging app service – called Anytime. Whether or not these survey questions

The United States of Amazon

Well ladies and gentleman, Amazon is officially on their way to conquest of all of America. Amazon is currently doing the 2017 version of Manifest Destiny. While we were all diligently scouring away for the best Prime Day deals, Amazon was already making moves towards their next big thing. A page quietly surfaced under Amazon’s